About Us

Established in 2007, Moon Gallery (H.K.) Limited is one of the most important Contemporary Art oriented galleries in Hong Kong. Founded by a former artist, our collection is currently focused on the most prominent art from China and Korea. With our strong academic art background and knowledge, our collection features the most influential artists of today and tomorrow. By introducing exciting and inspiring art, we are dedicated to promoting quality Contemporary Chinese and Korean Art to the public as well as art enthusiasts and collectors...

Current Exhibition

Essence of Colour -
Kwon Hyun Jin Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Period:
2 - 20 January 2015
Gallery by the Harbour

Moon Gallery is honored to collaborate with Harbour City, to bring the solo exhibition of the Korean artist Kwon Hyun Jin to Hong Kong. Kwon Hyung Jin’s works are widely appreciated, there are many firms and organizations invited Kwon to use her artworks’ concept to design the interior and exterior of their shops, restaurants, banks and convention centre in Korea. Collectors throughout the world have collected her works, The Hong Kong Korean Embassy also collects her works. In this exhibition, we will showcase Kwon’s paintings as well as the objects extended from her artworks and video work.

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