La Musique -  Painting by Dong Hun Shin

The most respected and well known cultural figure in every household of Korea, 80-year-old cross-media artist Dong Hun Shin has been acknowledged father of Korean animation and often seen as the Korean equivalent to Japan’s Dechka Osamu (手塚治虫).

Shin was born in 1927; his early interests in science and art were combined as he pursued the study of architecture at Seoul National University. Shin also performed violin as a member of Seoul National University Orchestra and into caricature drawing.

Shin made the first Korean full-length feature animation in 1966. His comic strips and animations has been best seller for over 50 years and regard as the bible of all Korean comic and animation artists. Currently he is a committee member and judge of Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF). With respect of his contribution in Korea animation, in September 2007 Korea Cartoon and Animation society announced to lunch “Dong Hun Shin Animation Award”.

Moreover Shin is known as a classic music maniac and has published books based on his broad music knowledge. With his life-long interest in music and contribution in music critic using his celebrity status, Shin has contributed a great deal on introducing classical music to the public, hence he is also one of the most respectable person in classical music industry in Korea. He is honorary advisor of Korean Music Critic Society.

Since 1993 Shin spends great deal of his time creating paintings and illustrations of world-class musicians. In this exhibition, Shin is sharing his experience of encountering world-class musicians on paper with us. “La Musique” is possibly the only opportunity to witness this unique artist’s works in Hong Kong.


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申東憲 Dong-Hun Shin